HALLMARK ITTP - Impact Tolerant Touch Probe

Right from the start the key design goals and mission statement were: 

Hands on quality control, impact tolerance, accuracy, and long term reliability. 

Key ITTP design features in summary:

 Compared with other similiar priced probes, the stylus stem retraction design allows a stiffer stronger stylus assembly. This gives less flex, less pretravel, and less pretravel variation, giving higher accuracy. In addition the contacts are submerged in electrical fluid/gel, ensuring a much longer life/ longer term reliability.  

 $695.00 plus shipping  $45 (US$)  SCROLL  DOWN FOR MORE DETAILED INFORMATION.

Latest ITTP update - September 2018

Covering ITTP ease of use and accuracy 

Sept 2017 - ITTP Assembly showcase and accuracy in brief.

ITTP Impact Tolerance and Accuracy

ITTP Set Up and Use


ITTP Accuracy

ITTP Information

 Following 6 months in house trials and refinements, February 2017 was the first phase of supply to beta testers, March 2017 the second. Full supply began May 2017.  Scores have been shipped with nil significant issues to date.

Currently sales are  via email (for example via 'contact' above).  Price is currently US$695.00 plus US$45.00 for insured and tracked courier (for USA, Canada and UK, - US$40.00 for Australia).

Payment is via a Paypal or credit card (Via a payment link to a Paypal invoice).  Please also be aware that for some receivers local taxes and customs duties may apply. For example so far to USA it has been nil, and a varying cost to the UK.

The ITTP has only been fully inhouse tested  on Tormach machines for setting work offsets. However more and more  other machine owners are installing the ITTP and getting good results.   If your application requirement is different please let me know and I can send you a memo that better covers the subject . 

You may be aware that low cost touch probes do not have a good reputation for long term reliability or accuracy.  Hallmark are committed to producing a probe that is not only impact tolerant and accurate, but has good long term reliability.  Currently all probes are built in-house. 
In order to check the ITTP Probe meets your expectations, please check you have viewed the videos above and read  the section below. 

Low cost passive probes to date have a general reputation for being inaccurate, impact intolerant, and unreliable long term. While the ITTP Probe addresses these issues, it is still a low cost 'workshop' passive probe and not suitable for high end, high precision work. For example a popular brand passive probe I have tested has pre travel of 0.05 - 0.11mm - that is a pre travel variation of around 0.002" or 0.06mm (+/- 0.03mm)  and its contact unreliability is openly accepted in its operators manual, with contact maintenance being explained. The Hallmark ITTP has a pre travel variation of less than  +/- 0.01mm or 0.0005" and should have good long term contact reliability.
Please note the TTS system itself is not highly accurate and the spindle/probe needs to be rotary position aligned eg via a pulley mark to achieve reasonable results. All the same, it should be understood that this type of low cost passive probe is only suitable for general workshop use, positioning the work to spindle to within +/-  0.01mm or 0.0005") when correctly set up. (How this is done is outlined in a technical youtube video sent to buyers). In order to achieve high precision probing, a high end probe is required. They are around US$5,000.00 - $15,000.00 (for a new high end branded unit with a warranty), and require spindle orientation and appropriate control software that will allow calibration and pre travel variation compensation adjustments. (Of course the average low cost CNC has backlash errors around 0.02 - 0.04mm and so a high end probe of this accuracy would be difficult to justify). 

Regarding replacement parts and warranty. A 12 month warranty is offered on defective parts and materials. Given the current supply distance this will be in the form of service information, replacement parts and installation information sent to you, should this be required.  Damaged or worn replacement parts will be available and may be purchased in the future should this be required.

Buyers will receive a link to a technical non public youtube video detailing the ITTP set up, use, handling and maintenance (should that be required) Please note the contacts are submerged in electrical fluid/gel and need to be topped up after shipping/on receipt. After this the probe needs to be stored in its as used orientation.  

Please note the ITTP comes standard with a TTS style shank, a 1300 mm long lead and a 5 pin DIN plug to suit the normal Tormach electrical cabinet operator panel accessory socket located in the normal positions.  Please let me know if you have different requirements.  The ITTP package includes the probe, some tools and a tube of the electrical gel .
Please email me (select contact above) if you have any questions,  or scroll down  if you wish to proceed.

Cliff Hall.         Director  
Hallmark Design Limited


How to purchase

As mentioned the price is US$695.00  plus shipping.

International Courier:  Insured and tracked to USA,Canada and UK is US$45.00. 5-10 working days (Australia is US$40.00) Email me for a quote to other countries. Please be aware that some countries for example the UK, may apply import duties or taxes. 

If you wish to proceed with the purchase please email me (select contact above) let me know your shipping name, address (a phone number is good for added security)  your Paypal email address if you have one, and the machine/spec you plan to use the ITTP on (eg Tormach 1100M TTS) .  I will initiate a invoice in US$ with Paypal who will email you a link for payment. 

I will email you confirmation when payment has been received, and link you to the operators manual. Your Probe will usually be shipped within two working days of payment.

Cliff Hall   Director

Hallmark Design Ltd