September 2018. I have used my ITTP for 9 months and it continues to be the best investment I have made in terms of tooling for my Tormach. Considering all the steps and components Cliff makes for these they are a GREAT value.  I still use my ITTP EVERYDAY and continue to save time and create very accurate and repeatable parts because of it. Thanks again Cliff.   Douglas Darby TX  USA

September 2018. Hi Cliff! John here in Orlando. I love my ITTP Sir! The more I utilize it the more applications I come up with for it. I have tested it's impact tolerance and was pleasantly surprised. malfunctioning biounit (me) as I was adjusting to it's use. 

John Swilley   USA

September 2018. Love My ITTP.  Flawless, and I have crashed it many times, without any damage to the probe. 

Update June 2019.   I love my probe. Very reliable , Accurate, and very impact tolerant! Sam tolerant even. LOL No false  triggers in over 2 years. CNC4XR7   USA

 I have one of the beta units (early 2017) and it's been faultless in operation - miles better than the Wild Horse probe I have. 

Mike H   USA

 December 2018. The ITTP is one of the best tools I have purchased for my Tormach machines!  I've been using it for almost two years now with zero
issues or inaccuracy problems.  I lost count of how much money the ITTP has saved me in broken probe tips!  Outstanding quality all the
way around.  Cliff is a perfectionist to a whole new level. 

 Andrew Wall, USA
Instagram: CoolCNCStuff_

January 2019. I have been using the ITTP extensively. I just keep my Haimer in its box now. My center scope and dial indicator is seeing less use as well. I find the ITTP's tip remained concentric after regular use, so I'm really happy with that. Today I just did some checks on the ITTP again just to make sure it is still accurate. 

With the exact feed, effective diameter and spindle orientation, I am able to get X+/X- and Y+/Y- to vary under 0.01mm. It's really good!  I'm happy that it works reliably and consistently for me. It's a huge time saver.  S.Tan. Malaysia

Owner review video.

Feedback from ITTP Owners:

February 2019. I purchased an ITTP from you some months ago and I wish to express how pleased with it I am.

I am self taught machinist trying to make a 5” scale steam loco (among other projects) and it is proving very time saving. Thanks again.  Ian from “Sometimes Model Engineering”

February 2019. Hey Cliff, hope you're doing well.  Wanted to circle back with you and let you know how much I absolutely love the ITTP!  I've only had a handful of soft crashes since switching, unit is holding up great. I find it is so much easier to use compared to the Haimer I had before to the point that I've sold my old passive probe as well as my Haimer!

Steve - Dead Crow Customs.

March 2019. Hey Cliff, Just wanted to say that I’m really loving your ittp. It’s been super reliable and very accurate. And it also just saves me time and helps keep me from making mistakes. Well done! R.S. USA

February 2019. Hello Cliff - Could you send me a Paypal invoice for another ITTP Probe. I sold my machine and they wanted the probe, so I would like to buy another one to go with my new mill. Thanks!! 'Ogee Lux'

March 2019. We love the probe. I could have bought the active probe for a little more but it wouldn’t take the abuse yours can. You’ve made a very nice product. We are happy with it.  Flux Engineering

April 2019. Hi Cliff. I can report that the Hallmark ITTP is a good fit with the Centroid Acorn controller. I found your probe to be very well made, robust, simple and accurate. The price was also good resulting in a sound investment. Attached to Acorn’s IN7 block the Hallmark ITTP is a strait foreword solution to adding touch probe capability to any machine with an Acorn controller.  Highly recommended! - Wayne M  USA

June 2019. Well just to let you know  I got your probe set up and working. For the final test ran the probe cycle to find the rectangular boss center. At 10 inches a minute it was a very relaxed test. So I changed the feed rate to 55 inches a minute as you suggested. And I stood back and hit the run button and just about jumped out of my skin, wasn’t expecting it to take off that fast. I haven’t run a CNC machine for well over a year now and wasn’t expecting it.. my  life has been slowing down, until I hit the run button  lol .   It was really a great experience watching the probe pick up all four sides and center to position. After 45 years of machining manually, and now with automatic probe all I can think of is the wasted time with a manual indicator! Mitch M.M. USA 

May 2019. Hi Cliff. Just wanted to say that I have been giving your ITTP a real workout. I am happy with it, solid product, great value.  Don B. USA

February 2020. FWIW, I'm a happy customer of the ITTP.
I've crashed it a few times, but more importantly, I once started the spindle with the probe in and wire connected, and although I was fast on the E-stop, it still wrapped the cable tight on it.
It survived and still works fine, after re-adjusting.
Thanks Cliff for a robust tool!" Jon W, California

February 2020. The probe works beautifully. I've watched all the instructional videos/manuals. The pre-travel is only .001" to maybe .0015". This thing is great. I was able to very quickly check the accuracy of my work set-up and find the work coordinates.  Long gone are the days of an edge finder. Thanks again!  Dean W. USA